My Magic

Image by Hannah Baker

I had my first premonition dream when I was five years old. I saw a bedroom, fairy lights outlining the ceiling, and a lamp. The lamp had three flower-shaped shades: one pink, one purple, one blue. A few months later, my family moved to a new home. I stepped into my bedroom and sure enough, it was the same as my dream. This was one of my earliest encounters with magic.

My mother, a mystic herself, sensed my budding powers. She gifted me her copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs with an inscription that read “make a wish on any star.” I clung to that book like a sacred text. Unsure about a new friend? Read about their zodiac sign. Curious which celebrity you’re most compatible with? Read about their zodiac sign. Linda Goodman introduced me to the cosmos, as she did many astrologers. I questioned the binaries, assumptions, and stereotypes Tropical astrology presents. How could one define all “women” born under one constellation to a specific set of traits? People are unique, ever-evolving conscious beings. We are complex organisms made up of a series of binary coding, not the binaries themselves. Humans are not so different from the stars and planets we gaze upon in the sky. We, too, are a collective system of bodies orbiting and affecting each other.

Astrology is practical when contextualized in modern circumstances on earth. It connects the physical to the ethereal, the inner world to the outer world. Astrology is a language that captures the complexities of the macrocosm and microcosm. It raises awareness about individualism in the global village. Learning astrology is like learning a new language. It has its own set of symbols, systems, structures, and interpretations. Astrology is an intuitive medium for anyone to use.

I aspire to redefine astrology through an academic, intersectional lens. We are much more than the one-twelfth of our chart our sun sign occupies. This blog connects astrological practices to community, identity, psychology, history, mindfulness, and manifestation.

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