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Hidden Hotsprings on the Salmon River

By Hannah Baker I grew up in the valley nestled in the mountains of Idaho where over seven hot springs were within an hour away. None of them have the majesty and mysticism as Cable Car Hotsprings. This hidden gem is at the confluence of the Salmon River and French Creek, tucked in the side … More

intentions for a peace-oriented post-colonial world:

The following is a collection of wisdom from my teachers. This list is ongoing, and this list is never finished. You’re welcome to make adjustments or additions to these intentions; diverse perspectives are encouraged. Read with discernment. What I have to say may resonate differently for everyone. Take what you need and leave the rest. … More

The Age of Aquarius

“To live together in the world means essentially that a world of things is between those who have it in common, as a table is located between those who sit around it; the world, like every in-between, relates and separates men at the same time.” – Political philosopher Hannah Arendt, “The Human Condition” Babylonian astrologers … More

My Magic

I had my first premonition dream when I was five years old. I saw a bedroom, fairy lights outlining the ceiling, and a lamp. The lamp had three flower-shaped shades: one pink, one purple, one blue. A few months later, my family moved to a new home. I stepped into my bedroom and sure enough, … More


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